Ragna was not born but slowly revealed. A mountain deep within the elemental plane of Earth slowly eroded, and as the weaker parts of the stone were carried away in a river of sand, slowly Ragna took shape, a humanoid shaped deposit of living stone. Content to wait, he simply observed his surroundings, carefully watching and waiting as millions of years passed. In this way he gradually learned to appreciate the beauty of the stone around him, with all of its mixtures of minerals, crystals, and delicate formations. Eventually, when he was fully released from the stone around him, he began to slowly move through the plane, exploring it until he discovered the border where it met with the other elements in the Grand Chaos. Entering the chaos, he met the other Gods and joined them to create the Worlds. Showing them what he learned, he carefully called up Mountains out of the void, forming the highest peaks and the deep valleys. With advice from his fellow Gods he also created the great systems of caverns and voids that eventually became th Underdark.

Ragna is a thinker, and prefers to carefully deliberate on decisions if given the option. When challenged in combat he rarely attacks, prefering to simply endure everything his enemy can throw at him and let them break themselves on his patience. He is the only God to never lose a fight to the Tempest, though he did not defeat her.

Ragna encourages his followers to do the same, being slow and sure instead of quick and foolish. He often admonishes the mortal races to take the time to do it right, even if it means they can't finish in a single lifetime.

Ragna often appears as a Dwarf, and seems to favor that race, and they him. He can and will take any form that suits him, but he always appears to be made of animated stone, and he moves with careful deliberation, never with any haste.


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