The Gods

Most of the Gods have no distinct "Good" or "Evil" profile, and depending on their aspect might even sponsor or further entirely contradictory goals. The Gods are capricious and unknowable in their vast and alien intelligence. Some few seem more comprehendable to mortals, like Bastion or Celenthia, but it is an easy mistake to make to think that they are just powerful versions of mortals. Even the few that have been risen from mortal status are transformed. Merely being in the presence of a God will permanently change a mortal if they manage to survive the encounter.


The Greater Pantheon

Those Gods who were present in the Grand Chaos, who came together to form the worlds in the First Dream.

Ragna, the "God in the Mountain" – Patron of wealth, study, and order. Created the mountains. Aligned with Earth element. Knowledge Domain. Secondary domain is war.

The Tempest, "The Perfect Warrior" – Patron of battle, combat, and fighting. Created the seas. Aligned with water element. Tempest Domain. Secondary domain is war.

Beauros, "They Who See" – Patron of contracts, honor, and commerce. Created the plains. Aligned with Earth element. Knowledge Domain.

Celenthia, "The Light Beyond the Veil" – Patron of exploration, quests, and curiousity. Created the heavens. Aligned with air element. Light Domain. Secondary domain is knowledge.

The All, "The Great Web" – Patron of nature, beasts, chaos, change, and creation. Created life. Aligned with radiant element. Nature domain. Secondary domains are life and trickery.

Mourne, "The Teacher in the Night" – Patron of deception, trickery, laughter, and truth. Created death. Aligned with necrotic element. Trickery Domain. Secondary domains are knowledge and death.

Bastion, "They Who Stand Unbroken" – Patron of war, defense, strategy, civilization, and diplomacy. Created civilization. Aligned with all elements. War Domain. Secondary domain is life.

The Pyrenemos, "The Consuming Fangs" – Patron of violence, destruction, demolition, and endings. Created disasters. Aligned with fire element. Death Domain. Secondary domains is war.

Lady Ashel, "The Ascended Weaver," – Patron of magic, secrets, songs, and stories. Created magic and stories. Aligned with air element. Knowledge Domain. Secondary domains are light and life.

Garandos, "The Father of Brutality," – Patron of hate, rage, senseless fighting, bullying, waste, and being punched in the face. Created cruelty and being punched in the face. Aligned with earth element. War domain. Secondary domain is tempest.

Pavellion, "He who seeks the revel," – Patron of parties, celebration, finery, gourmet foods, music, and boasting. Created intoxication. Aligned with air and water elements equally. Life domain. Secondary domains are nature and trickery.

Animos, "The River of Spirits," – Patron of spirituality, awakening, enlightenment, reverence, light, and the sun. Created the spirits that inhabit all things and their journey. Aligned with no elements. Light domain.

The Lesser Pantheon

Those entities who wield the power of Gods, but who came later, were raised to a higher status, or who rose to the power of Gods through their own acts.

Vermillion, "The Swarm," – Patron of rodents, insects, and pestilence. Thought to be a child of The Pyrnemos and The All, though neither will acknowledge this. 

Grunthos, "The Lord of the Brutes" – An ascended Orc Warlord from the first days after the shattering of races. Often known to meddle in the affairs of all the brutal races.

Shiftit, "The Lowest" – The often Goblin servant of Grunthos, known to be equal parts cruel, cowardly, and incompetent. Thought to have been elevated to Godhood through some kind of mistake. Attempts to imitate Grunthos by meddling in the affairs of Goblins but never seems to get it quite right.

Gianna St Grace

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domains: Tempest, Life

Symbol: Jewel suspended by a chain in center of forehead

Patronage: Dancing, Stories, Cats, Tacos

Associated Element: Water



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