In a world of chaos and death, where anyone can stab anyone else in the back at any moment and no one to know the deed, Beauros watches and keeps careful notes. A Lawful Neutral deity and one of the few to have much of an active presence, Beauros charges their followers to serve their communities by consecrating contracts and ensuring that deals, once struck, are fairly met. Temples of Beauros also provide valuable scribe and copying services for a very low fee by running orphanages that teach children vital skills like reading, writing, and math. Many of these children go on to serve as clerics of Beauros, and it is not unusual for Clerics of this deity to be powerful beyond their years.

Temples of Beauros tend to be simple, stout buildings, often constructed by dwarves, and to favor drab practicality over excess. However, each temple is consecrated with a magical ritual, and as part of that ritual any contract signed within the temple walls is subject to the Geas of Beauros. Failing to fulfill a contract (as interpreted in good faith by Beauros) will activate the Geas, and until the person satisfies the contract to the best of their ability or makes just recompense they will be plagued with dreams every night of waiting endlessly in queues, filling out forms, testifying before magistrates in hearings, and attending meetings and trainings explaining why they've failed and need to do better in exquisite detail. The resulting lack of restful sleep begins by leaving the person gaining a level of exhaustion that they can not lose every two weeks until they achieve three levels of exhaustion. While this effect can be removed by a remove curse spell, if they step into a temple of Beauros or any ground consecrated to that God, the Geas will return and begin again. As a result, signing a contract at a temple of Beauros is considered ironclad and trustworthy even in the most violent and horrible towns, and even towns run by lawless bandits often have at least a small outpost dedicated to this God. His followers enjoy setting up business in such towns, as they charge a small fee for contract services and this quickly adds up in a place where no one can be trusted.

Beauros took part in the First Dream, negotiating the smooth rolling terrain of the plains to help create some separation between the domains of the others, especially Ragna and the Tempest. The flat geometry of the lowlands appeals to Beauros' desire for clarity and understanding, it is easy to see in all directions.

Beauros often appears in several bodies at once, of any mix of races and genders, but always wearing the same simple clothing, often robes but sometimes pants and shirts. The appearance of its forms is always simple and never with any particularly notable features.


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