Previously, on Lostvale - Session 8

A hive of scum and villainy...

The party, fresh from the battle with in the Jerry cave, set out for Mordhataigh. Shortly after their journey begins, however, they find themselves shaken by a large earthquake. The mountains themselves shake and several small avalanches can be seen in the distance. When the dust settles, they continue on their way, but soon find their journey slowed by a fallen bridge. The bridge is already being worked on by strange, silent men and women in white clothing, mostly robes. Several members of the party recognize them as members of a pacifist religion where all members take an oath of silence and dedicate their lives to service, both of each other and of their communities. Little is known about these people, except that they are pacificsts and tend to live in communities away from major population centers.

The party attempts to divert around this obstruction, wandering north away from their objective for hours and finding only barren mountains, populated largely by goats and small rodents and not much else. Eventually abandoning their detour, the party returns to the fallen bridge and camps, waiting for the repairs to be finished.

That night, Sam is visited with a dream from his dead Aunt, the first of many, and begins to manifest magical powers. Randall, carefully studying the book provided to him by [[Criminius the Mad]], also begins to learn the basics of magic, which he finds intuitive and easy to understand, in part because of how clear the book he was given is.

The next morning the party sets out again, and by late morning they arrive in town. Within minutes of entering town, the party comes close to picking a fight with a mercenary company in the local market, ignoring their refusal of help and trying to assist with a tantruming Ogre. Luckily, the party decided that fighting people who were refusing your help wasn't a good way to start their day and beat a hasty retreat.

Randall and Ike took the rest of the party and went to find and meet with Finnlaiyn, who goes by "Finn," at his "Emporium of Wonders." This turned out to be a junk shop, pawn shop, and wedding chapel. After meeting with Finn and getting a basic guide to the who and where of the town, the party attended to the business of selling gems and treasures and restocking on goods. Eventually meeting back up, they found lodging and then the whole party (except Brenna) went to a whorehouse and bar, where most of the party (except Randall) spent the whole time drinking overpriced drinks from the bartender, Thomas the Bartender. Ike, taking a liking to Thomas, also made some side business arrangements with him of some sort.

The next day, Ike and Randall met with Krixos, a highly trusted Captain in the organization of Harbin John. There, they sold information on the Imperial invasion, and made arrangements to meet with him again on separate business.

Low on money and looking for work, the group followed up on a lead and went to the market, where they met Fimble Blizzcast, who hired them to escort him to an old keep in the mountains that was made accessible by the recent earthquake. His agreement with the characters allowed them to keep any treasure and items found, with the exception of books and information, which he had first claim on. He seemed particularly interested in the library and specific books contained within it, and had hired four porters to help carry the haul. The party's job was to protect the porters and Fimble and facilitate his entry and retrieval of the books.

Accepting the job, the party set out that very afternoon, and after several hours walk Fimble led them up an obscure path, only recently cleared by an avalanche, up into the mountains. After traveling well into the afternoon the party encountered and dispatched a group of Harpies and, crossing over the top of the ridge, found themselves face to face with a seemingly unguarded nest of Griffon eggs…



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