Previously, on Lostvale - Session 12

We're on a descalator to Hell, goin down!

Travelling deep into the bowels of the Silken Dream, which seemed to be on an entire complex of tunnels and corridors, the party was lead to a large cavernous chamber, one that had obviously once been natural but which had seen a lot of work over many years. In the middle was a mechanism designed to lower a large, round wooden platform deep into the Earth. Joining Kintus, Madame Arachne's envoy, and his band of porters, the party rode the platform into the depths, eventually arriving in a chamber full of pale giant white mushrooms, each the size of a large table, all hanging from the ceiling. After taking a sample, the party was lead into the caves, where they were told to follow a small glowing thread that showed the way among the various twists and turns. Eventually, they came to a place where a cave in (possibly caused by the Earthquake) covered the thread, but with good intuition and careful guidance from their Ranger the party was able to find a path through the caves and out the the other end. The winding parts of the passages ended in a large, open cavern. Inside the cavern more giant mushrooms, this time growing from the ground and glowing brightly, could be seen stretching in a forest across the cavern to the edge of an underground lake. A path lead to the edge of the forest and onto a bridge, which lead to the top of a tower. On the other side of the tower another bridge continued to a far ledge. Kintos indicated that this was the path, so the party advanced along the road, stopping only collect samples from the glowing mushrooms.

Once on the bridge, the party noticed that some of the shadows on the top of the tower didn't seem to be being cast by anything, and realized just in time that they were facing unliving Shadows. With a combination of martial might and magic the party was able to dispatch the fiends, but only after several were weakened by their touch, requiring a short rest.

On the far side of the cavern were more tunnels, these leading to an ancient underground highway called "The Underway." Often used by incredibly dangerous creatures and patrolled by hostile bands of dark elves, the party attempted to hurry, but along the way they came across an unusual Minotaur leading two giant lizards packed with some kind of goods.

While hostile at first, the Minotaur was quickly baffled and confused by the chaos that errupted from the party. The druid began speaking with his pack animals, having a full conversation. The halfling poured a bowl of oatmeal and mimed eating from it. The tall human began shouting at his companions, and the other human with the strange arm started singing a disturbingly strange children's song.

Not having seen anything quite so bizzarely hilarious in all his days in the Underdark, the Minotaur spent a few moments enjoying a hearty belly laugh at the poor insane surfacers, imagining the terrible fates that awaited them in the Underdark, which only made the whole thing more funny, and grabbed his lizards and moved on, giving them a wide berth in case whatever was wrong with them was contagious.

Moving on, the party found themselves at Darkmeet, a small trading post maintained by the Drow. Governed by an elaborate series of ritual greetings and communications, Kintus warned the party that the men were absolutely not to speak at all, and that the women should only speak if absolutely necessary. He then donned the ritual trading robes, had them extinguish their lights, and lead them past an iron portcullis.

The trade negotiations seemed to go well, with Kintos performing the elaborate ritual greetings and negotiations with ease. Until Randall, unable to control himself, found himself asking a question. This breach of protocol cost Kintos 1/6 of the shipment bound for the surface and Randall his share of the treasure.

As the negotiation was concluding and the party was turning to leave, a massive Earthquake shook the chamber. The Drow, seemingly on the verge of panic, abandoned all ritual and left, instructing the surfacers to leave immediately.

The party attempted to, but the path out had been collapsed by the Earthquake. Between Rowan, Kintos, and Ike the party was able to find a likely path back to the Underway, but its meandering route lead them into a strange and giant hallway tiled in a style not of Dark Elven make. Kintos was able to identify the craftsmanship: Aboleth.

The giant hallway had a huge stone arch on one end, glowing brightly, and guarding it two Chuuls, lobster-like guardians. As the party tried to sneak across one at a time, something in Sam's arm seemed to trigger the defense mode of the Chuuls and they engaged the party, knocking Randall unconscious before being defeated.

After this fight, the party was able to retrace their steps to the surface without further incident. When they came back up the Descalator, however, Madame Arcachne was waiting, and with few words she lead them out of the Silken Dream onto the streets, where people were standing around staring in awe at the northeasten horizon.

The glow of the Prismatic Storm, steady every night for over two and a half centuries, was gone.



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