Beyond the Western Mountains, on the northern edge of the Firelands, at the base of the Crimson Fist, lies the Free City, Mordhataigh.

Unlike other cities, Mordhataigh is ungoverned, with no city guards except those who you hire. Also known as the Bandit Capital, Mordhataigh is a haven for every sort of unscrupulous character and backstabbing wretch that Lostvale can produce. While there is no official authority in the city, there is a careful balance of powerful factions and characters who are not to be crossed, and above them all a mysterious group known only as the Shadow Council. While the council does not rule, they do issue Proclamations of Intent that describe the consequences for certain actions, either for good or ill. As an example, each year during the Fire Season the council issues a proclamation limiting the use of fire within the City. Crossing this proclamation is almost always a death sentence.

Residence in the city can be expensive, as it is necessary to secure either the protection of a powerful patron or organization, or to buy into a mutual defense agreement. There is always a price either way. Residents of the town are distrustful of altruism, as everyone is usually working some kind of angle. Offers of kindness are often met with anything from skepticism to outright hostility. Even if someone doesn't have an angle, pretending to have one is often the easiest way to broach a social situation with someone who isn't a friend.

Notable Persons

- Madame Arachne, owner of the Silken Dream

- Viktor Caladus, head of the Temple of Beauros

- Pit Boss Peach, Gamemaster at The Pit

- [[Finnlyian 'Finn']], fence, broker, junk shop owner, wedding officiant

- Fimble Blizzcast, fixer for the [[Magister's Guild]]

- Dandy Janus, singer and leader of The Fellowes, a street gang

- [[Harbin John]], the richest man in town and son of Theol John, owner of [[Theol's Spire]] and High Haven

- Marin Tildeswitch, halfling owner of adventuring gear specialists [[Mountain's End Trading Company]]

- Garth and Meaghan Green, purveyors of fine herbs, plants, poultices, and potions

- Jaque, owner of [[Jaque's Grill]], Finn's favorite dive

- Reginald Tosspot, master mushroom gardener and weird cave hermit


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