Previously, on Lostvale - Session 2
... an old man bursts into the inn

Arriving in Interstone, the band of adventurers set out to speak with Gunnarson. Along the way, Rowan decides she needs to trance and skips the discussion with Hale. The other three are informed that the reason the ore shipments have stopped is that the road south of town washed out, and his repair team seems to have disappeared. Shorthanded already, he hires the group to go investigate. Their job is simple, go find the team, find out what happened, then come back and report. At the end of the meeting, Rowan shows up and negotiates to join the team for a smaller fee than everyone else got.

The team begins heading south along the road, and along the way they are accosted in the woods by a group of animated skeletons, common among undead but in this case strange because of the green light glowing from their eyes and the dark smoke pouring from their eye sockets. The group defeats the skeletons handily and continue on the road, where they encounter Jareth, one of the townsmen, with a dire wound to his leg that is badly infected. He is feverish and confused, raving of undead and darkness. Before he can be extensively questioned, Rowan murders him in cold blood. Immediately after this, a mysterious man in black shouts in anger and unleashes some kind of magic and the body of Jareth shrivels into a skeleton which begins to move to attack the party. While Ike deals with the skeleton, The Man in Black runs away, escaping from the pursuing party members while they argue about whether or not to chase him. The party loots what little coin he has and a leather scrap with a picture of what might be his family on it and continues south, where each of them experience a different dreamlike vision. Each seems tailored to their personality, but there is a common thread among them all: find an artifact called "The Necrostone" and bring it back to somewhere near Interstone.

Shortly after this the party comes to the washout and sees that it is extremely large, almost unnaturally so, and that it has revealed a previously concealed Tomb from the Old Empire. Standing on the other side of the Washout are two strangers, a half elf and a man in military issue armor.

Previously, on Lostvale - Session 1
Doing as you're told

In the Mountains of Lostvale, Ike (son of Ike) and Randall "Cuntsniffer" McClure find themselves thrust together, working a job for Cadgar Coldfire, the useless (but still rich) brother of Brunak Coldfire. Cadgar hired the two to investigate a halt to ore shipments from the town of Interstone, and instructed the two to speak with Interstone Mayor and Sheriff Hale Gunnarson and get the [[Timon Mining Syndicate]] ore moving into Galesforge. After a night of heavy drinking the two decide it would be smart to start out immediately. They eventually pass out from near exhaustion, covered in their own filth, somewhere along the foot path between Timon and Interstone.

Meanwhile, Auntie Ez summoned Thea Fernbow and Rowan Morier, two young elves who she occasionally instructed, and asked them to seek and deal with whatever was disrupting the web of life deep in the mountains. She instructed them to speak with Hale Gunnarson as well, feeling confident he would set them on the path to discovering what was causing this disruption. She promised them in reward only "knowledge and power."

Thea and Rowan discovered Ike and Randall passed out near the road and, in a moment of compassion, stopped to try and help them. During this, all four witnessed something highly unusal: three large, slow moving shooting stars coming down in the mountains nearby. Deciding to put aside their differences and work together, the four set out, and while they found an area where a very large object landed and carved a gouge out of the ground, there was no meteor and no fires or evidence of an explosion. Rowan also found an oddly shaped boot print, with three distinct toes, unlike any she had seen before.

Unable to find anything else, the group decided to continue on their way to Interstone, hoping Hale Gunnarson might have answers.

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