Previously, on Lostvale - Session 7

They're all named Jerry

Pushing into the mines, the party eschews the one pumpcart that seems to be in working order and decides to walk along the slippery and dangerous minecart rails to navigate the mines. After several damaging slips and falls they find another old maintenance/storage depot, and while most of it is collapsed they find evidence that alchemical experiments were performed here. They also find references to something called "Prismite" and something about setting up an operation in Galesforge. The notes seem very old. Continuing through the mines, they eventually find a place where the mines give way to natural cave. Near this they discover an old storage area, which seems to have been converted for use as a barracks and planning post. They discover a locked and trapped chest that contains many ore samples, among them three labeled "prismite." Seeming to flicker gently to most of the party, for some reason Brenna finds them to be overwhelmingly bright. When he touches one, Sam is temporarily blinded.

Pressing on, the party comes across and dispatches a gelatinous cube, several giant spiders, and eventually finds an exit to the caves. Unfortunately the exit is blocked by two ogres. Ike, impatient to be out of the mines, attacks full on and, in the resulting conflict, decapitates one of the Ogres in a single stroke of his maul. Having defeated the Ogres (and, in the process, discovered that all Ogres are named Jerry), the party exits the cave, where Randall, Ike, and Rowan all (due to their background) recognize the mountain the distance: The Crimson Fist. Mordhataigh awaits.



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