Previously, on Lostvale - Session 5

Spawn City

Strahd, his ever charming self, comes into the cabin and begins preparing a meal. He informs the party that the Orcs are on their trail, but that he's done what he can to throw them off for now. He tells them that the best thing to do with the Necrostones is to take them to Crimenius the Mad, a wizard who lives in Neversummer Springs, an old resort town west of there in the mountains. He informs them that the Necrostones have a unique magic that makes them easy to track, and that they seek to be united and must not be touched or be allowed to touch each other. After urging the party to take the stones to Crimenius again, he promises to do what he can to slow down the Orcs and to try and meet up with them later.

The party decides that they don't have a lot of options, and begin on the road to Neversummer Springs. Along the way they are attacked by a wounded displacer beast, seemingly enraged and half mad. After dispatching it they find a camp site full of dead orcs, along with a dead displacer beast, all fresh from the last few days. They find a pouch with some orders, though the blood and dirt makes them unreadable. The Orc Captain is identified as Krocheck.

They then continue to Neversummer Springs, where they find that Crimenius is expecting them. After a brief rest at the Warmbelly Tavern and a visit with master herbalist Cappadous Took, half of the party heads into the Wizard's tower and trades the Necrostones for several magic items. In addition, Brenna is shown a vision, which she later describes as "floating above the mountains looking into the Prismatic Storm and seeing that at the heart of it are what appear to be the shapes of Dragons, except stretched to infinity and run along the ley lines, flowing constantly between them." This vision also seems to unlock something in her, some inner awareness of her magic and its source.

After this, Crimenius takes the Necrostones and invites the party to kindly leave. Shortly after the return to the Warmbelly Tavern, their conversation is interupted when Jilly Barton bursts into the room, an arrow in her shoulder, and collapses.



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